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Twitter: @indiedavid1

If you encounter problems using it, please describe the problem you encountered in detail and attach a recorded screen or screenshot and send me an email.

Twitter only posts information and does not handle user feedback.

I will reply to everyone's emails every Monday. For common questions, please check the FAQs below.


Upgrade to iOS 15, widget display abnormal?

The bug is still being troubleshoot, it may be a problem with iOS 15 rendering, need to wait for Apple to fix it later. For now, you can go to the App and click Sync - Home Screen widget in the top right corner, and force a refresh.

Why can't I use the appropriate features yet when I buy a membership?

  1. Go to the home page, click Sync in the upper right corner, and sync the home screen widget.
  2. Please upgrade to the latest version and try again
  3. Go to More - Sign In to check if your membership has expired
  4. Try to exit the app completely and re-enter (iPhone with Home button double tap the Home button and swipe up to exit the app, iPhone without Home button swipe up on the lower edge to enter the multitasking interface, then swipe up to exit.
  5. Go to More - Upgrade - Click Restore Membership
  6. Please note that the purchased membership can only be used by yourself, you can't use the membership service by logging in the email address of the purchased membership on other cell phones.
  7. If you can't restore the membership by the above ways, please send us the screenshot of email receipt and your email address after successful payment (need to register in More - Login) to with the comment Restore membership.

Inaccurate data such as weather, time and steps

Just add the widget's with the default data, please click the top right corner of the home page to force a refresh to synchronize it.

The widget is black, I can't switch between skins and posters, and clicking force refresh doesn't help.

  1. Please upgrade the app to the latest version and try again
  2. Please upgrade your iOS version to the latest version and try again
  3. Remove the home screen widget first, then restart iPhone and add it again, and finally click "Force Refresh".